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Licenses: Maryland # 126338

Washington DC# 68006160



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                 Meet Our People


Alexander Sokolowski, Founder, Architect, Builder/Remodeler, Artist

A 30 year veteran of architectural and remodeling industry, Alexander spent his entire professional life designing and building houses  for families in Maryland, District of Columbia, and beyond. Alexander Sokolowski received his architectural degree from the National University of Constructions and Architecture (Kiev), (1980-1987), University of Arts and Crafts of Kiev (1970-1975). He was the principal designer for many architectural competitions. After years of collaboration with various contractors as an architect and designer, SOKOL Design-Build Group, LLC was formed to accommodate the increasing demand for design-build business model. By providing architectural design and construction services under one roof, Alexander positioned the company for long-term success thanks to growing number of delighted clients.


Yuri Sokolowski, Project Manager

Yuri has solid experience in project and financial analysis, client relationship building, customer service and client representation. He has demonstrated the ability to acquire new clients and business opportunities, to analyze potential deals, and to advise and consult clients on business decisions. He is main company person in relationship building and contract negotiations with a wide range of clients and service providers.



David Staveley,  Sales Manager
David joined Sokol Design-Build Group in 2008 as Sales Manager. David brings over 15 years of Residential Design-Build and Remodeling Industry experience to the company along with a dedication to customer service. David brings a unique background to the design and remodeling trade as he was an academic for over 12 years while working in construction and sales before deciding that his greater interest was in design, construction and sales. David is the company�s contact for our clients from the initial meeting through to the completion of the project.



Irina Sokolowski, Office Manager, Accountant

The "queen of behind the scenes" work, Irina makes the smooth running of SOKOL Design-Build Group possible. Her bookkeeping and office management experience is an integral part of the family business. When she joined the company almost a decade ago, when is was an architectural design firm, she never expected it to grow so rapidly and become a full service design-build company it is now. She is also a fantastic cook, but that is besides the point!



Dmitry Sokolowski, Lead Technical Consultant

As a technical team lead for SokolDesign-Build Group, Dmitry Sokolowski utilizes his skills and experience to manage business and technical proposals for organizations company projects. Dmitry also has the experience level to oversee architecture and implementation throughout all stages of projects. Additionally, Dmitry provides custom technical consulting and management to other technical teams for Sokol Design-Build Group clients. Dmitry graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Engineering degree from the A. James Clark School of Engineering.


     Our Services include, but are not limited to:

Residential architectural design (from concept to permit drawings), design-building and remodeling service, all types of interior design.

     Our Potential Clients: Customers with appreciation for refined architectural design, as well as building companies that value own professional image.

     Our Philosophy: The talent of the architect always relies on the talent of the client.  There is no such thing as a small job for a professional design-build company; every little detail of the project is refined to perfectly balance form and function.




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